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Answers to Your Questions

Find answers to common questions about our inspector website services, pricing, and customization options. Get the information you need to enhance your online presence.

  • Can you build me a website if I already own a domain name?
    Yes, we can build your website whether you own a domain name or not. If you already own a domain, you will contact that company and have them point or redirect that existing domain to your new website. It's easy to do through your Wix dashboard, because Wix shows you step-by-step instructions on how to connect your existing domain to your newly-designed website. If you don't have a domain yet, no problem. You can get a new domain through your Wix dashboard. It's easy to connect a new domain to your newly-designed website. Wix will show you step-by-step instructions on how to get a new domain and connect it to your website. You can also secure your domain name now if you would like. We recommend using Wix or Google Domains. Remember, we just build websites. The domain and email tasks will be something that you'll do. We'll help you.
  • How do I connect/transfer a domain I purchased elsewhere to my new website?
    It's easy through your Wix dashboard and Wix will guide you every step of the way! RECOMMENDED: Connecting an Existing Domain Name in Wix: Note: this is for any domain name that has been purchased elsewhere (like GoDaddy, Google Domains, Cheap Domains). Log into your Wix account. Once logged in, go to settings on the left-hand side at the bottom. Go to domains. Click Add an existing domain and then click Connect a domain you already own. Wix Instructions. Video Instructions. Purchase & Connect a Domain in Wix: Note: this is for purchasing a new domain name in Wix. This includes the one year free domain name voucher. Log into your Wix account. Click settings on the left-hand side at the bottom. Go to domains. Click Buy a domain. Wix Instructions. Video Instructions. Transferring a Domain Name in Wix: Note: This is for when you have an existing domain name registered somewhere else, and want to transfer it into Wix to have your website and domain name under one roof essentially. Log into your Wix account. Click settings on the left-hand side at the bottom. Go to domains. Click here to follow the steps by Wix. The transfer process can take up to 7 days to complete. If you need your domain linked to your site in a shorter timeframe, connect your domain to Wix first. You can always schedule a phone call with Alicia. Remember, we will design your awesome inspector website; the domain and email will be something you complete. Wix provides the step-by-step assistance that you'll need to make it an easy thing to do.
  • Is a domain included?
    Yes. A free domain name is included for your first year. If you would like to secure your domain name now, we recommend Wix Domains. If you already own a domain, you can use that domain as well. The domain name will be connected or transferred to your website once we are completed with the design. Wix will guide you every step of the way through these connections. If you'd like to buy a domain right now, no problem. We can connect it to your new website later. Here's how it works:
  • Is SEO included?
    Yes. Your website is designed by Wix with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. All of our Wix websites feature a sitemap, SEO-friendly HTML formatting, meta descriptions, responsive design and much more. More advanced search engine optimization settings are available as well, such as alt tags on images and page-specific descriptions. We complete the SEO work in the initial design. You have the option (as the website owner with full admin access) to hire someone, hire your designer, or another company to do more advanced and continual SEO work. SEO never stops. The best thing you can do for SEO as the owner is to get a free Google Business Profile by visiting This will verify your business with Google and help your website stand out and get ranked on Google. Then, log into a Google Search Console and start improving your performance on Google Search.
  • Do I need to be InterNACHI-certified to have the certifications and "call me now" button on my website?
    We can build the website with your InterNACHI® inspector certifications and "call me now" button, even if you aren't InterNACHI-certified quite yet. Then, once you become an InterNACHI CPI® , all of the website design features will automatically start working on your website. We can publish the website live on the internet whenever you are ready, so no rush there. 🙂
  • How do I become a Certified Professional Inspector CPI®.
    Visit and follow the 6 steps to become a Certified Professional Inspector.
  • Does a membership to InterNACHI® come with the website?
    Yes, but only for individuals who are not currently members. Contact us for a free 14-day trial membership or 50% off your first-year membership to InterNACHI®. We work for only InterNACHI® members. If you're not yet certified or licensed, that's okay. We can still build you a website. We do not build websites for non-members of InterNACHI®. You have to at least be a member.
  • What does the process look like?
    First, you browse and choose your favorite template. This template is our starting point for building and designing a fully customized website for you. Second, choose a price that fits your budget. We recommend the $299 design. After you purchase a website design, you'll receive an email with a questionnaire that you'll use to send us all of your business information. Once we receive your business information, we begin working on building your new website and will send it to you within the next 10 business days for your initial review. We work with you for a few rounds of edits & updates until you're happy with the design (3 rounds for the $299 Design, one-on-one meetings for the $999 Design). You can add any additional logos, certifications, photos, sample reports etc. After the final edits are made, we will transfer the website to your ownership in your own account. The website can go live on the internet whenever you are ready. You own and control everything. This makes it easy for you to track analytics, manage your blog, post on all your social media platforms from your dashboard and update your website as you please. Make sure to download the Wix Owners app on your mobile phone! Visit Here's How How It Works for more details.
  • Can you start my website if I don't have all of my business information yet?
    Yes. Just send us what you have, and we'll get to work on the design. You can keep sending us the information as you get it. We will work with you until you're happy with the website design. After the first initial review of the website design, we'll go back and forth a few times (3 for $299 Design, one-on-one meetings for $999 Design) in order to finalize the website.
  • Can I use my software providers scheduler and report on my website?
    Yes, just ask your software provider for the scheduler, payment or report embed code and URL link. Then send us the code and link and we will add the software to your website. Wix also has its very own Booking services embedded within your website. This applies to only hosting plans starting at $27 a month. All Builder/$16 a month plans can be upgraded to $27 a month at anytime. This can be done through your own account.
  • Can I track website statistics and analytics of my new website?
    Yes. As the owner of your Wix account and website, you can see for yourself and measure your website's data and conversion performance. Easily track how many people visited your website, which pages they visited, what search terms they used to find your site, and which websites referred traffic to your site directly from your Wix dashboard. Tip: Download the free Wix Owners app to take your site (analytics, chat, payments, inbox) on the go wherever you are.
  • Can I add Google reviews to my website?
    Yes. You have to follow Google’s step-by-step process of verifying the inspector’s business. No one but the business manager can do these steps, but we'll help you. It's fairly straight-forward. Visit After you get a free Google Business Profile, you'll use the link to get Google Reviews from your clients. Then, we can embed those Google Reviews on your website.
  • How can I get a company branded email?
    Because you're the owner of your own Wix account and website, you may also create branded company email addresses (for an additional fee paid to Google Workspace). You own & control the website, domain, and email addresses for your company.
  • What is a "hero" image?
    Watch this video. We'll add any picture you want to your website, pics of you and your team, stock photos of houses and people, and whatever you want.
  • What is hosting?
    We build your website using But it needs to be "hosted," which means keeping your website live and visible on the Internet all of the time using the servers of Wix. Wix charges $16 x 12 months (or $13 x 24 months) to host your site, and they bill annually.
  • What are "action" shots?
    Watch this video. We'll add any picture you want to your website, pics of you, your team, stock photos of houses and people, whatever you want.
  • Why should I hire IWB when I can build my own free website?
    The free website option provided by Wix doesn't include a team of website designers who work with only home inspectors. InterNACHI®'s Ben Gromicko teaches how to build your own website for free, just watch his video. Or, you can hire another website design company like HomeGauge and Spectora. They build great websites too. The key to success is delegation. Watch this video about delegation of tasks by Ben Gromicko and how to scale up your business by hiring by Nick Gromicko.
  • How much will all of this cost me?
    Please visit the pricing page. And also watch this video about pricing and payment options:
  • What is the difference between the "$299 Design" and the "$999 Design"?
    The $999 Design includes everything in the $299 Design and you will work with a designers one-on-one to customize your site and get any of your questions answered throughout the entire design process. Your designer will also help you connect your domain name, Google Business Profile and Console. Inspector Website Inspector Website Design Pricing | Inspector Website Builder InterNACHI® has secured a partnership with Inspector Website Builder to offer website design services exclusively to InterNACHI® members for the low price of $299 and $29/month. This service provides InterNACHI® members the ability to have a professional website at an affordable price with no hidden fees or commitments.Inspector Website Builder designs custom websites for InterNACHI® inspectors at an affordable price. We're InterNACHI®'s Official Vendor for websites.
  • Is there a discount for InterNACHI® Members?
    InterNACHI® has secured a partnership with us to build websites exclusively for InterNACHI® members for $299. This service provides InterNACHI® members the ability to have professional websites at affordable prices with no hidden fees or commitments.
  • Is my website going to be mobile friendly?
    Yes. Your website is 100% mobile-friendly, which allows your clients to have easy on-the-go access to your inspection services. Your website will be easy to edit and manage from both your desktop and your mobile device. Pro Tip: Downloading the "Wix Owner App" on your mobile phone allows you to monitor and capture leads, get reports and insights, automate your business, and more from your desktop or on the go from your phone.
  • What is the Wix Owners app?
    The Wix Owners app comes with your website design for free. All you have to do is download it onto your mobile phone. This app essentailly allows you to access your site dashboard on the go. You can chat, check analytics and traffic as well as payments and receive all notifications on your mobile phone while on the go. Features: Get notified every time a potential client visits your inspector website. Having a mobile app enables you to keep in communication with your potential clients with the live chat feature. You can collect all of your website analytics and tract visitor behavior right from your mobile phone. Sharing your inspection content to all of your social media platforms is made easy. Send out email campaigns and so much more. Visit for more details.
  • What is the Branded App by Wix?
    The Branded App by Wix is great for sharing with your clients and agents so they can schedule inspections with you quick and easy! This app has a free version that you can utilize and showcase your professionalism and sets your inspection business apart. Branded App by Wix seamlessly connects with your site so members can book services, purchase products, and connect with you. You have full control over the app's features and content as well. Check out an overview here.
  • How do I edit the background photo of my website?
  • Do I get access to edit and improve my website?
    Yes. After your website is built in your Wix account, you will have full owner/admin access to edit, manage, and update your website at any time while it's being hosted. You can do all of the editing and updating you would like, or just reach out to us and we can help you in anyway we can.
  • How do I create a custom 404 page?
  • Edits & Updates
    "The Builder" includes 3 rounds of edits and updates after the website is designed and "The Pro" includes 5 rounds of edits and updates after the website is designed. Inspector Website Builder is always available to help you as much as you need with editing and updating your website. Just email us! Please reach out to us at or schedule a phone call with Alicia.
  • Will my site have HTTPS (ie a secure certificate)?
    Yes, your site will be secured with HTTPS, meaning all communication to and from the server is encrypted. This offers more security as well SEO benefits. Wix provides the SSL, and we do this for you.
  • What is Hosting?
    Hosting is where you website is "live" on the internet. Every website on the internet is hosted somewhere. Our websites are hosted by Our Wix websites are built with HTTPS and SSL security so that you and your clients can interact on the internet in a completely secure way.
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