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Here's How It Works

We made it easy and affordable to get a new inspector website.


  1. View the templates. Think of them as a starting point. 

  2. Pay for the website design service.

  3. We will build a new website for you and customize it with your inspection business information. We do free edits & updates until you're happy with the design. Your new website can be published on the Internet whenever you're ready. 


  • We will build the website inside your account. 

  • You will own the Wix account. This is great because you will own, access, and control everything.

  • You will pay Wix a hosting fee ($16 x 12 months). This is a reasonable fee for hosting your website. ​You can cancel Wix at any time. 


Because you're the owner of the Wix account, you will have full owner/admin access and control to do anything you want with your website. You can upgrade or downgrade your account. You can check your website analytics and data performance. You can make your own edit and updates with an easy-to-use editor. You can add pages and pictures. You can manage your Google Business Profile (GBP) and Connect your Google Search Console to boost your search ranking. You can add additional features that make your website even better. Or we can do the work for you. If you ever need any future edits or have any questions down the road, we are always here to help. Just reach out to us, and we can make any edits you need.

You chose one template as a starting point. The templates are on our Templates page. We use that template and the information you send us to build a custom website. We build it in a account that you will own. You will own the domain, email, and website. You'll have owner-access to everything, including analytics, SEO, Google Profile, Google Console, blog, editing, chat and email, and billing.

We build the website (for a one-time fee), and your designer will be available for edits and updates anytime you need us. This is how you save money. We don't think you have to pay anyone a "management" fee because there's nothing to manage. Once we design your website and publish it live on the Internet, there's very little for anyone to do. 


The design work takes about 7-10 days. When it's ready to review, we will email it to you. You and your designer will work together for a few rounds of edits and make any changes you feel are necessary. These edits and updates are included in the one-time design fee. When you're ready, the website can be published live on the Internet. We can help you at any time in the future with advanced SEO, authoring blog articles on your website, updating business information, and edits and updates. ​


Inspector Website Builder IWB has a team of Wix-trained and certified website designers. If you ever need any future edits or have any questions down the road, we are always here to help. Just reach out!

​Think of our initial website design as a starting point. Then, as the owner of your own Wix account and website, you can add an unlimited number of pages, content, a blog, and more features to your website. And we can do that work for you if you'd like.

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