$299 (one-time design fee) and $16 (hosting)

We build custom websites for inspectors at an affordable price.

InterNACHI® has secured a partnership with IWB Inspector Website Builder to offer website design services exclusively to InterNACHI® members for the low price of $299. This service provides InterNACHI® members the ability to have a professional website at an affordable price with no hidden fees or commitments. 



You will pay a one-time design fee of $299 to build a 5-page website inside your Wix.com account based on a template that you choose. The new website will be customized with your business information, logo, colors, certifications, videos, pictures, online schedule, and more. ​There are no other costs or fees for building your website. You will own the website in your Wix account. Check out Wix.com.


$16 / MONTH


You will pay Wix.com a fee of $16 x 12 months for hosting your new website. Check Wix prices for hosting. This is a reasonable fee for hosting your website on the Internet. We do not recommend spending more than $30 per month for hosting. You can cancel your Wix account at any time. 




After the website is designed and you have initially reviewed it, you and your designer will work together through a few rounds of edits to make any updates that you would like. Your website designer will work with you until you're happy with the new website. We're here to help you make any changes to the website that you may want in the future, just reach out. Because you're the owner of the Wix account and your website, you can do the edits yourself if you'd like. 




We see no good reason to pay "managing" fees to a website design company. Once a website is built and live on the Internet, there's very little for anyone to do other than monitor the analytics and performance data of the website. And you will get actionable info about your website through your Wix account