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How To Choose a Website Template

Watch how easy it is to choose the right template for your inspector website design.

Let's look at templates. So here we are at Inspector Website And what I want to show you when you're choosing a template. Let's click on "view template." When you're choosing a template, want you to look at the logo, the menu bar, and the layout of the home page.

That's what you should look at when you're using a template. The colors, the pictures, and the content are all customizable to your company and your brand. And when you give us your business information, you're gonna give us your logo, and we will brand your website from your logo with the colors to match and the font. We also have stock images, and we have all the content already written for you.

And you can use the stock images. You can use your own photos, or you can use a combination of both, but the template is completely customized according to your business and your brand. So the colors, the content, and then when you're looking at all the different templates, click on view template, and really look at where the logo is placed and where is the menu bar placed. And that's how you look at the different designs.

The colors are completely changeable. The pictures can also be changed, and the content can be changed. We have it for you if you need it. And if you wanna give us your own photos and your own content, that works too.

But just remember, when you're looking at a template and choosing the template that you want for your company for your inspection business, look at the layout of the template, look at the menu bar, where is the menu bar, and look at the logo. Those are the things that wanna look at when you're choosing a template. Alright. Thanks.



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